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How to Order Your Coffee

You say you just want a cup of coffee. What does that really mean, though? To many people, a cup of coffee includes loads of sugar and cream. For others, a touch of stevia and a sprinkle of cinnamon will do.

How to Order a Well-Balanced Meal at a Restaurant

Eating well and eating out can go hand-in-hand. The key lies in knowing what to order off the menu to stay within your preferred daily intake of calories, fat, protein and carbs. Below, we explore how to eat healthy...

5 Tips for Planning an Enjoyable and Professional Business Dinner

Business dinners give you the opportunity to get to know your professional partners on another level. Free from the office trappings, these special events encourage conversation and promote rapport.

5 Great Central PA Recipes to Try for Fall

Every year, the autumn season brings color and excitement to Pennsylvania, not to mention the opportunity for culinary enthusiasts to scour farmers' markets and groceries for the local harvest. What creative cook could...

Best Foods For The 4th Of July - Best 4th Of July Party Dishes

When you want to celebrate everything red, white and blue, the greatest way to do so is with a cookout. The best 4th of July food is, of course, from the grill. In almost all parts of the country, July means lovely...

Food Allergies: The Most Common Causes, Signs, And Symptoms

There's nothing worse than having an allergic reaction during or after eating something. No matter how severe or mild the reaction may be, the experience is generally frightening and unpleasant. The good news is that...

Top 5 Regional American BBQ Styles - Regional Barbecue Styles

Are you a BBQ fanatic? There may be nothing better than the moment a mouthful of slightly sweet and perfectly juicy pulled pork — or barbecued chicken, ribs or sausage — meets your lips. No matter what your BBQ...

How To Order Eggs At A Restaurant - Different Ways To Cook An Egg

Eggs are good for more than eggcellent puns. They're one of those foods you can prepare in many different ways. While we all have our favorite egg choices, it's always a good idea to try new things!

Weight Loss: Sugars Vs. Fats - Is One Worse Than The Other?

The most important step on your weight loss journey is understanding the different effects sugars and fats have on weight gain.

Most Common Acquired Tastes - Foods Considered Acquired Tastes

Imagine you're out to dinner with your family or group of friends. Everything is going smoothly until someone orders that one thing you can't stand. Maybe it's a plate of raw oysters or a cheese plate that includes...

Recent Posts