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How To Improve Your Beer Drinking Experience - Beer Drinking Tips


Whether you're new to beer tasting or you're just looking to learn more about one of your favorite drinks, we have some tips to get you to drink beer like a pro.

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Build up your beer knowledge with this quick guide to improving the way you drink beer.

Draft vs. Bottle vs. Can

The container does affect your drink, and these three types have different processes and attributes, which can change the flavor. Your favorite beer in the bottle, in a can or on draft can taste a little bit different each way. Here's how these three types are different from each other:

  • Draft: When a beer is on draft, it's probably getting used quickly and replaced often. As a result, draft beers usually have the freshest taste.
  • Bottle: Bottled beers have a great look, but the clear glass container can have an effect on the beer inside. When beer is exposed to light and oxygen, it loses some of its freshness.
  • Can: Canned beer typically has a fresher taste than bottled. Because light can't penetrate the can, it doesn't have the same effect as it does on bottled beer. It's also packaged with carbon dioxide, which helps to preserve that fresh taste.

When you're grabbing a beer at a party, you might not be thinking about how the container can affect flavor. Now, the next time you're out, you can take this information into account.

Find a Beer You Like

Some people don't like beer, but many just haven't found the right beer yet. There are all different kinds, and some may not be to everyone's liking. Below are the main types of beer:

  • Ale: This type of beer has a darker, cloudier appearance. It has a higher alcohol content and a strong, fruity, robust flavor. It also has more bitter tones because of the higher amount of hops in a quick, comprehensive fermentation. A popular brand of ale is Blue Moon.
  • Lager: Lager usually has a lighter, clearer appearance. It has a lower alcohol content and a sweet, smooth, crisp flavor, which comes from the high sugar content, slow fermentation, and cold treatment. Common examples of this type of beer are Heineken and Stella Artois.
  • Porter: This beer is dark, almost black in color. Guinness is one popular porter.

With so many different beers out there, you can almost definitely find one that you'll love if you give different options a chance. Once you find your favorite beer, you will have a better knowledge of the food that pairs best with your favorite beer.

Storing, Serving and Sipping

Even after you've found a beer that you love the taste of, you can still take a few steps to improve the taste and your experience drinking it.

When you're storing a case of beer, keep it in an area that's out of the sunlight. Like we mentioned before, sunlight can affect the freshness of any beer. Keeping it in the fridge for a prolonged amount of time can also change the taste. Ideally, you should keep it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before drinking it. Finally, bottles should be stored standing up instead of on their sides.

When you're ready to drink your beer, pour it into the center of a glass that's at room temperature from about an inch above the glass. Frosted glasses kill the carbonation in the beer. After you've poured it, wait for the foam to settle, then drink it in small sips to savor the flavor.

The next time you're sitting down with a great beer, we hope these tips help you enjoy it even more. If you're looking for some help choosing the perfect beer, come to Forklift & Palate to enjoy a beer from our menu.

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