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Whether you're treating your department to a meal out for a work meeting or you're meeting with a current or potential client, Forklift & Palate is an excellent location for any business meeting. You could even reserve space for your office holiday party with us.

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Amenities for Business Meetings at Forklift & Palate

The size of your dining party will drive how you dine with us. If it's a smaller party, such as a group of 10 or fewer, just call ahead to make a reservation. Let us know if you have any special requests, such as the location of your table in our dining room. If you have a party larger than 10, you should consider reserving one of our private rental spaces in our Conference Center. Some of these small rooms have projectors, making them ideal for business presentations.

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Forklift & Palate has free WiFi. This makes it easy to access the Internet to pull up presentations or display web pages. You won't need a projector either when you're in a small party. Forklift & Palate also has a full-service bar if it's more of a casual meeting or your client wants a drink.

Tips to Make Your Business Meeting at Forklift & Palate a Success

So, you've scheduled your business meeting. Here are some tips and advice to make your meeting go as smoothly as possible:

  • Picking an Appropriate Restaurant Is Important: You wouldn't want to take a client to a seafood restaurant if they have a seafood allergy. Forklift & Palate has a wide variety of foods on our menu, including gluten-friendly options, so everyone in your party should easily find something they'll enjoy.
  • Arrive Early: You don't want to walk into your own meeting late. Getting there early also lets you get a feel for the space, begin setting up electronics and solve any issues first.
  • Know When to Get Down to Business: It's a good rule to wait until the drinks have arrived and the food was ordered to start talking business. Make sure you smoothly transition into business talk — it would be awkward to change the subject abruptly.
  • Don't Use Your Phone: Unless you think there may be an emergency, shut it off. Keep it tucked away in a pocket or purse — it's not polite to check your phone when you're with a client or colleague.
  • Take Care of the Check: Don't quickly grab the bill the moment the waiter or waitress puts it on the table. To avoid any awkwardness, you can even talk to your server ahead of time and ask them to give it to you directly when it comes time to pay.


No matter the purpose of your business meeting over lunch or dinner, Forklift & Palate will help make it a successful one. Contact us to make your reservation today.


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Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a repurposed industrial warehouse.

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