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What Can You Eat During Lent? - Best Foods To Eat During Lent

If you are Catholic or part of a Catholic family, you may be aware that the rules for meals are different around Lent. Lent is the 40 days following Ash Wednesday, and it's a time for fasting, prayer, and contemplation....

What Is A Full Course Meal? - Full Course Meals Explained

Determining whether you’re having a full course meal helps you plan how long your dinner will take and can help you plan for costs. It might even influence how hungry you let yourself get before arriving at the...

Forklift & Palate Rolls Out New Weekday Promotions

Join us Monday - Thursday at Forklift & Palate for some special deals!

The Most Popular Types Of Wine - Most Popular Red And White Wines

If you're new to the world of wine, trying out the most popular kinds is a good place to start. When you aren't sure what types of wine you like, you should try out a variety. Anyone can find the perfect wine for them —...

How To Pair Wine With Food - Food And Wine Pairing Basics

Whether you're going out for a celebration, it's date night or you just don't feel like cooking, a great meal can get even better when you order based on excellent food and wine matching. Whatever your taste in wine is,...

How To Improve Your Beer Drinking Experience - Beer Drinking Tips

Whether you're new to beer tasting or you're just looking to learn more about one of your favorite drinks, we have some tips to get you to drink beer like a pro.

How To Properly Signal Waitstaff - How Waiters Read Your Table

When we go out to eat, sometimes we need to get the wait staff's attention. Whether the waiter isn't stopping by enough or the restaurant is just busy that day, you don't need to wait around hoping for some notice —...

Tips For Holiday Party For Employees - Office Holiday Parties

Hosting a party for your employees, no matter the occasion is a great way to show appreciation and give them the chance to mingle and have a good time outside of their usual working environment.

Top Restaurant Menu Terms You Need To Know - Food Menu Terms

Going out to eat is meant to be a pleasant, delicious experience. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, meeting up with friends or family or just enjoying a food you love but can't make yourself, dining out...

How To Order A Cocktail - Tips For Correctly Ordering Cocktails

Ordering a drink at a bar or restaurant should be simple, but for many people, it isn't. Like confusing terms on a menu, there's a lot of terminologies when it comes time to order a drink.

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