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Kitchen Storage Hacks


Your kitchen is one of the most important spots in your house because it is the center of your day to day life. Spending a lot of time in your kitchen can lead to it becoming cluttered with various items. There are tons of easy and affordable ways to maximize all the space in your kitchen, while keeping it organized. Check out the kitchen storage hacks below for some inspiration!

Stick spices on your fridge

Utilize your entire refrigerator by turning the outside of your fridge into your spice rack! All you will need to do is to empty your spices into containers with a magnetic lid. To easily differentiate your seasonings, you can purchase clear tins or label the outside of each tin with the seasonings name. This eye-popping presentation will ensure that you’ll never have to struggle digging through your cabinet to search for the cilantro again.

Hang mason jars underneath your cabinet

Mason jars can easily help fix any kitchen storage issues, as well as add a stylish touch to the room. This storage hack is the perfect answer for all of your dry ingredients, such as, flour, sugar, pasta noodles, etc. The only tools you will need to complete this storage hack are some mason jars, a piece of wood, screws, and a power drill.

First, line up your mason jar lids onto the piece of wood. Once the lids are evenly aligned, use your power drill to screw them into the wood. Fill your mason jars with whatever dry ingredients you’d like, and place them with their lids. Lastly, screw the entire plank of wood onto the underside of your cabinet.

DIY a sponge holder at your sink

Clear up your sink area, by creating a DIY sponge holder. Any narrow plastic container will work for this holder, but the containers that would work the best are a milk container, soda bottle, or a shampoo bottle. The tools you will need are a marker, plastic container of your choice, sandpaper, and scissors.

First, cut off the top of your bottle. Then put your sponge up against the bottle, and make a mark a little bit above the halfway point of the bottle. From the already end, begin cutting only the front half of the bottle to your marked spot. Draw a circle on the back part of your bottle, and cut out the inside of the circle. For the last step, grab your sandpaper and smooth out the sharp edges of the bottle.


Store your utensils in floating tin cans

Make your empty tin cans go to good use by storing your kitchen utensils in them! Not enough drawer space? No worries! This DIY project can be completed with only a small portion of your wall space. Some things you will need to complete this project are a few tin cans, thin metal rod, S-hooks, and a power drill. If you are interested in giving your tin cans a more cohesive look, you can also paint them.

To create a floating tin can hook, begin by screwing a metal rod into a wall in your kitchen. This project should only take up about 3 feet of space on your wall. After you hang up the rod, simply drill one hole near the top of each tin can. Stick the S-hook through each can, and place the hook onto the metal rod. You can then organize your utensils throughout the your floating tin can holder.

Repurpose magazine holders into freezer shelves

If you don’t have an organized freezer, it can be quite stressful to get any items it and out of it. Instead of continuing to lose quality food and money, try out organizing your freezer with a magazine holder! Using a magazine holder will help keep all of your frozen items visible and organized.

Magazine holders are also the perfect place to store the sauces and meals you have frozen flat. Labeling each of your magazine holders can also make your efforts of searching for your frozen items that much easier. If you’re looking to maximize your fridge space, lay your magazine on their sides, and stack them on top of each other!

Separate Tupperware with a drying rack

We can all agree that the most frustrating part of the kitchen is your Tupperware drawer/cabinet. Solve this organization problem with one item: a drying rack. This medium sized squared rack will surely be able to hold all of you of Tupperware lids in an organized fashion.

Before placing all of your Tupperware lids into the drying rack, make sure all lids pair with their matching containers. This process is tedious, but it’s the best way to eliminate those extra pieces taking up precious storage space. After all of your containers are matched up, place all of your lids in the rack, from smallest to largest.  

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