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How To Get Seated And Fed Fast At A Restaurant


When you go out to eat, chances are you're often in a hurry — you may be headed to a movie afterward or need to be at a school function at a certain time. You want to get seated quickly, and you want your food to arrive pronto.

group breakfast at Forklift & Palate restaurant

Is there a way to ensure this happens, short of praying to the restaurant fairies? In fact, there is. Follow these tips for getting the most out of your restaurant experience.

Arrive at the Right Time

Restaurants tend to be busiest on Friday and Saturday nights when people go out to celebrate the weekend. If you go to a restaurant on one of those nights, you will not only wait longer for a table, but you will also have to wait longer for your food because there are more people ordering. Plus, if you go between 4:30 and 7 p.m., that's primetime for dinner.

Consider going at off-peak hours. For instance, arrive at 7:30 p.m. on a Wednesday. You will face less competition for a table, your waiter will have fewer tables to take care of and you can rest assured you will get out of there more quickly than on a weekend night.

Consider the Size of Your Party

When you are in a hurry, keep in mind that seating two people is much easier than seating five. If you have a large party, consider splitting up in order to get seated more quickly.

Look at the Menu Ahead of Time

These days many restaurants, including Forklift & Palate, post their menus online. Encourage your party to read it over before you go out. That way everyone will have an idea of what they want to order, and you won't waste time analyzing everything between salad and a burger. Have a backup plan for your order just in case your choice is unavailable.

The Advantages of Making a Restaurant Reservation

Your best bet for a short wait is making a restaurant reservation. When you plan ahead, the restaurant will be ready to accommodate you, even if you have a larger party.

the bar at Forklift & Palate restaurant

Restaurants calculate how long it takes people to eat, which is how they can tell you how long it will take to have your table ready for you. They make reservation times available based on these windows. By ensuring you get seated at the right time, you improve your meal experience.

You won't worry about getting out the door on time. Instead, you can enjoy your meal, knowing you'll be on your way in plenty of time to make your next engagement.

Need a reservation for your next night out?

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