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The 4 Best Foods to Eat When You Are Sick - Best Foods For A Cold


You wake up with a slight tingle in your throat and mentally brace yourself for the agonizing days ahead. Whenever you begin to feel the signs of a mild cold or the stomach flu affecting your body, the last thing on your mind may be eating. The nausea many people experience when their sickness first sets in may ward them off from food — but it shouldn't.

bowl of chicken soup

When your body starts to show signs of illness, your immune system is already in a weakened state. Starving yourself during a cold or flu may only worsen whatever aches and fatigue you begin to feel. While you might not have the appetite for your usual meals, eating is a necessary part of fighting back against unwanted viruses and diseases.

Whether you've got the sniffles or a severe case of nausea, it's important to eat the right kinds of foods that will help you feel better and stop unwanted illnesses sooner. When you're feeling under the weather and a cold, flu or virus starts to set in, be sure to try one these best foods to eat when you are sick:

1. Chicken Noodle Soup

We’re sure you’ve already heard this a million times before, but chicken noodle soup truly is one of the best foods to eat for treating a cold. When you’re congested and your throat starts to become bothersome, a freshly brewed pot of chicken soup should do the trick. Warm broth provides a soothing effect on irritated throats while the steam opens up your sinuses and aids stuffy noses.

2. Yogurt

Nothing can be more annoying than nausea. Queasiness prevents you from eating food, even when your body needs valuable nutrients to boost your immune system. Plain flavored yogurt is the best way to help your body recover from touches of the flu and colds. When choosing a yogurt, be sure to pick one that is rich with probiotics. This healthy bacteria helps shorten the duration of your illness by giving your body the strength to fight back.

3. Honey

Not only is honey delicious, but it's also packed with cold-fighting abilities. Honey provides antibacterial properties that help alleviate the pain of a sore throat. Honey also helps in boosting your immune system, which makes it the perfect food to eat when you're sick without irritated throat symptoms, too. Simply eat a tablespoon in the morning or mix a drop of honey into your morning tea for the best results.

4. Bananas

If you’ve ever asked a doctor for advice when you were sick, your medical practitioner likely advised you to stick to the BRAT diet. If you're unfamiliar with this acronym, it stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. While this nutritional regimen consists of bland foods crafted to settle a queasy stomach, we think bananas are a delicious way to overcome any cold or virus. Bananas provide you with a multitude of feel-good fibers and nutrients, which makes them a simple-to-digest food you can feel good about eating.


There’s nothing worse than waking up with a sore throat and sniffles, indicating that you have several days of undesirable coughs and nausea ahead. Whether you find yourself powering through a cold or suffering from a stomach virus, make sure to keep yourself nourished with the right kind of foods.

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