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About Us

Forklift & Palate is a spacious restaurant in Hamilton, Ohio, serving high-quality American bistro cuisine. Our establishment resides within the new Champion Mill Conference Center along the Great Miami Riverway. Stop in for a delicious meal, classy atmosphere and close proximity to all of Champion Mill's unique offerings. 

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At Champion Mill Conference Center, we're able to offer numerous dining options that give our guests the choice between various types of food. Our culinary selection is so impressive thanks to our hardworking team of experienced chefs. 

When you visit the Forklift & Palate, you'll enjoy culinary excellence from our Executive Chef. With more than 10 years of experience in professional kitchens, we run a tight ship and produce many impressive dishes. We're proud to have the best Chefs leading our culinary team. 

For more on dining and catering options from the chefs at Forklift & Palate, contact us today!  


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When you want delicious American bistro cuisine you can enjoy with the entire group, visit Forklift & Palate along the Great Miami Riverway. Our restaurant is conveniently located at 600 North B St. in Hamilton, Ohio, and features ample parking for our guests. 

Our parking lot is near the entrance of Spooky Nook Champion Mill off of Rhea Ave. Guests will find plenty of handicapped-accessible parking within close proximity to the entrance. 

For more information on parking at Forklift & Palate or to request directions, contact us today! 



When you're out for an evening on the Great Miami Riverway or enjoying a day at Spooky Nook's sports complex, stop in for a delicious meal and tasty drinks at Forklift & Palate. We're your number one source for American bistro cuisine in Hamilton, Ohio. You'll enjoy a scenic view in our swanky industrial-themed restaurant. Visit us at 600 North B St. during our business hours. 

Dine-in and Takeout Hours

Enjoy our cuisine with us or in the comfort of your home.


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