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Why Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

by Forklift & Palate on March 10, 2020

In an era where everyone proclaims their mornings are extremely busy, doctors and health experts suggest that breakfast should become a pivotal part of your routine. In fact, eating a nutritious meal within the first two hours of being awake might just be the change you need for improving cognitive abilities and physical health. Breakfast is the equivalent of fueling your body for a day's work, and giving yourself as little as 10 minutes to eat allows you to reach your full potential by nightfall.

Skipping breakfast to make it to work or school on time might seem innocent, but this is probably the reason you find yourself yawning by noon. There are key tips and reasons to eat the most important meal of the day.

Why Eat Breakfast?

As the name suggests, individuals are breaking a fast when they take the time to eat first thing in the morning. If you eat three meals each day, the time between dinner and breakfast is usually the longest your body goes without food. Therefore, you are setting yourself up for success when you take the time to refill your tank with calcium, vitamins, protein, and fiber.

Breakfast is linked to cognitive awareness for both children and adults. It is ideal to eat a well-balanced breakfast containing ingredients that take time to breakdown for energy distribution throughout the day. Eating breakfast is easy to do, and it can be challenging to make up this nutritional window with other meals as the morning calls for fiber cereals, fruit salads, protein bars, and eggs.

People forget that eating breakfast communicates messages to your body. Consuming foods early in the day allows the metabolism to burn calories rather than go into storage mode, so setting earlier alarms or taking breakfast on the go is a proactive approach to a healthier lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Breakfast

Why is breakfast the most important meal? It's simple — setting a time to eat breakfast can prevent poor dietary habits. Studies show that individuals who skip out on breakfast are more likely to overeat and snack on fatty foods toward lunch and dinner hours. The more you eat at the end of the day, the less time you have to burn calories resulting in health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease.

If you normally miss out on breakfast, try to schedule this meal into your morning routine. This meal has the potential to influence mood, stress levels, and performance on the job.

Breakfast Improves Heart Health

Vital organs require a healthy diet for prolonged function, and eating foods such as fruits during breakfast plays a major role in our daily nutrient intake. The American Heart Association acknowledges that adults skipping breakfast rarely meet daily goals behind vitamin and mineral consumption compared to individuals that make time for the most important meal of the day. You can keep your heart strong by making the right dietary choices as soon as you wake up.

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