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When To Eat Certain Foods - The Best Time To Eat Certain Foods

by Forklift & Palate on March 19, 2019

Food has amazing properties, beyond just tasting good and making you feel good. In fact, you can eat food at different times to give yourself a boost in some situations. Read on to learn about the best times to eat specific foods.

Foods for Stress Relief

Feeling overwhelmed with work, expectations and everyday life? It is possible to control stress with food. When your schedule is overflowing and you’re worked up, reach for blueberries, chocolate or oatmeal. These foods have calming properties. Use with meditation and other self-care techniques to get a handle on your emotions.

What to Eat Before a Marathon or Sports Event

If you’re getting ready for a strenuous activity like a race or athletic event, your body needs to be fueled up. Talk to your doctor if you’re an athlete or training for a marathon to get a specialized diet plan. Many athletes eat carb-rich foods about two or three days before a big event, and you might want to do the same. Eat baked potatoes, pasta and bread to give your body the energy it will need.

When You’re Not “Regular”

Being constipated is painful, and it can also be quite unhealthy. In this situation, fiber-rich foods are your friend, and you’ll want to fill your plate with prunes, apples, and greens. A salad can be a smart way to get plenty of greens, and you can chop and add in apples or other fibrous foods.

Foods to Help You Sleep Better

If counting sheep is not cutting it, try eating your way to better sleep. Walnuts, rice, honey, milk, and tuna are all foods that will assist in getting a more restful night. Create a soothing sleepy-time drink by combining herbal tea with honey and chamomile. The warm drink and combination of ingredients should have you dreaming in no time.

Foods to Get Healthy

Sniffles? Cough? There are several foods to eat when you’re under the weather. Chicken noodle soup is a classic for a reason. It really does make you feel better! Tea with honey can also help and even bananas can help make you feel less miserable.

Foods to Aid in Concentration

When you’ve got a test to study for or a big project to finish, feed your brain by eating dark chocolate, blueberries, eggs, and salmon. For breakfast, choose oatmeal. These brain foods help improve your concentration.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthier foods day after day helps your body work at its best and can help you fight off illness, sleep better and stay focused. If you want to eat better, stick with natural, whole foods that aren’t packed with sugar and fats. This doesn’t mean you can’t go out for dinner, though. Forklift & Palate has healthy meal options, including vegan and vegetarian items, salads and more. Whether you’re carb-loading for a soccer game or need to relax in a pleasant setting, make a reservation today.

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